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Does Hip Hop Music Influence Lifestyle Choices?

If you are in the age of adolescents, you have probably been exposed to hip hop music. This genre of music can affect young people’s behaviors and attitudes in a number of ways. While the lyrics can be inflammatory, the music can also be educational and inspirational. Hip hop music can also help people cope with difficult times. In addition to being fun, hip hop is widely-available. Consequently, many young people are exposed to this genre, which has many beneficial effects on the listeners.

Hip Hop music is often accompanied by lyrics that promote drug use and extravagant lifestyles. Some songs, like “Dangerously in Love,” glorify drug use expotab and promiscuity. This type of music is often associated with poor neighborhoods. Rappers’ public personas are often not reflective of their true lives. Future, for example, has been asked if his songs about drug use influence his choices.

Many teens are influenced by the lifestyles of rappers. They turn to this type of music to find validation and fit into the social hierarchy. In addition to influencing their lives, hip hop music inspires them to adopt a more impulsive, wild and destructive lifestyle. Some of these rappers even promote gang activities. This is a dangerous cycle for young people, and this music must be stopped before it can cause more damage than good.

As rap artists became successful, competition between the West Coast and East Coast rappers increased. This led to the emergence of indie labels like Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records. The two artists became idolized in the 1990s and were the subject of several scandals. One incident involving a hip hop artist was fatal in 1996 and another one occurred in 1997. During this time, Dr. Dre’s popularity increased as he produced albums for Eminem, 50 Cent, and many others.

Initially, hip hop music was only available in underground venues and remained an underground genre until the mid-1970s. However, it was not accepted outside ghetto neighborhoods. Hence, the genre was labelled “old school hip hop” when it was associated with party-oriented lyrics and disco music. Hip hop grew more diverse in the 1980s and evolved into a genre known as new school hip hop. This genre then went on to enter the Golden age of hip hop.

Originally, the disco sound was influential in hip hop’s early years. Rap songs were produced by isolating disco bass-guitar beats and dubbing them over the vocals of MCs. One of the first rap songs to become popular in the U.S. was Rapper’s Delight, which was recorded by the legendary hip hop group, the Sugarhill Gang. Another influential rap song was “Planet Rock,” by Afrika Bambaataa in 1982, which included Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans-Europe Express’ and YMO’s ‘Riot in Lagos’.

Despite the influence of hip hop on popular culture, the genre has also influenced literature in a variety of ways. Early rappers often featured wild, colorful covers on their albums. Similarly, young writers started to paint murals and cool kids’ clothing in order to get paid. The genre eventually evolved into wild style, which explored themes that are rooted in hip hop culture. Today, writers have incorporated writing into their work.

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