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Well, the original Ghostbusters was a fantastic Venturescrooktechcrunch movie, but it also had one thing that really set it apart from other ghostbusters — and it wasn’t even related to science or professional ghostbusting. The original Ghostbusters was a very tongue-in-cheek movie. It was about a bunch of people having a good time in the early 1900s and paranormal activity suddenly became the “new normal” (as they put it). However, when you see the original Ghostbusters again and think about it in its purest form, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. It’s not just about science and technology or paranormal phenomena — this is one of the first movies where actual science is explored in an honest way. And as much as we love that nostalgia kick every time something old like The Wizard Of Oz comes to mind, this Ghostbusters era actually bears some similarities to our own times with regards to technology and innovation net worth. So whether you’re looking for an old-school ghostbusting action flick for your Halloween night out or you simply want to know more about how exactly the original Ghostbusters worked out… here are 10 things you should know about the original Ghostbusters (and what we can do about it).

Ghostbusters was a comedy.

Now, this is definitely an area we’d love to see more Ghostbusters films, but even with the best intentions, there’s a danger of sounding ridiculous. When you’re trying to tell a story about a time when things were a little more ridiculous than they are in modern times, the fact that Ghostbusters is a comedy just makes it all the more real. What made the original Ghostbusters such a great film is that it treated issues of comedy as if they were issues of science. Not only that, but it also treated them as if they were so prevalent at the time that it felt like a given. That said, if you want to add a little levity to the proceedings, or take a more serious look at the issue at hand, then you should definitely check out The New Immortals.

Ghostbusters had only two villains.

As much as we all love playing along with the spirit machine, there’s actually a good reason Ghostbusters fans will find two villains more interesting than Michael K. Azov and Boris Valle. While Azov is the main antagonist in the original Ghostbusters, Valle is the straight man to the comedy. Both were extraordinarily talented actors who just happened to have a bad day at the office and end up as two of the most popular villains of all time. Plus, with the Ghostbusters franchise on the wrong end of the comedy spectrum, it doesn’t really matter who your adversary is — just as long as he’s trying to do a little harm.

Ghostbusters was about a couple of people having a good time in the early 1900s.

As much as we love the modern day equivalent of the ghostbusters, the original Ghostbusters was definitely a time when things were a little more freaky than they are today. That’s because the period in question was the 20s and 30s, which are when most of theleases were made. In the original Ghostbusters, Michael K. Azov and Boris Valle were two of the wackiest and most mischievous characters you’ll ever meet. While Valle was a mess at times, and Azov was a mess with his car, the memorable duo of Michael K. Azov and Boris Valle made for one of the most memorable casts of all time.

Ghostbusters was based on a gross-out book.

This one’s a no-brainer. The original Ghostbusters movie was definitely a comedic film, but there’s a reason it’s so well-regarded — because of the comedy of errors. For one, it’s exactly the kind of film that celebrates the sillyness and audacity of popular culture at the time. So even if you’re not a fan of gross-out humor, you should definitely check out Ghostbusters. The movie is also very much in tune with the times, as every move and character is representative of how we all feel at the moment — which is a perfect storm of things to make a great movie.

Ghostbusters was shot in New York City.

Like we said above, this one’s for the true Ghostbusters fans. The original Ghostbusters was set in New York City, so there are a few references to the Big Apple in the movie, such as that classic “I love you, I hate you” line. However, the biggest thing that sets the original Ghostbusters apart from other ghostbusters is how it treats the supernatural in its own right. It’s not a supernatural creature that can help you take care of it or something like that. It’s a part of who we are as human beings and it’s what makes us human. That said, the film gives real weight to the notion that there are other ways to live and that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. When you have access to so many opportunities to getaway, who’s to say you can’t use them all?

Barry Bectard wrote the screenplay for Ghostbusters.

This is one of the many things that made the original Ghostbusters such a great film is that it depicted a time when there were a lot of things to do and a lot of things to see. That being said, the original Ghostbusters is also a very serious, very opinionated film. That being said, the movie does not shy away from using the word “mother” or “sick,” or even “evil.” That’s what makes the original Ghostbusters a good film and why it gets such a good reception today.

The original Ghostbusters was written by Barry Bectard.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the original Ghostbusters is writer/director George Lucas. That being said, the original Ghostbusters was also based on a gross-out novel written by author Barry Bectard. The novel was very much in tune with the times, as it depicted a time when everyone was very silly and mischievous. It also depicted a time when there was a lot of gross-out humor, so you’re guaranteed a lot of fun. That being said, the original Ghostbusters is a very serious film with a lot of serious messages. It’s about a couple of people who save the world from a lot of really bad guys, and it does so by using a very special trick that only the original Ghostbusters knows about.


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